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The Purpose Behind Pop Psych: Myth & Facts


The only way to fight misinformation is with established facts. Along with a bit of humor here and there.

The point of Pop Psychology 101: The information that happens to circulate within the public sphere and social media is not always accurate. Sometimes it is even malicious. That is why this website exists: Its purpose is to act as a resource to combat popular myths that exist about psychology, and psychological disorders, within the general public.

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You don't know what you don't know.

My mission is to promote critical thinking and scientific literacy by providing accurate and reliable information about psychology to the general public. I believe that by breaking down popular myths, misconceptions, and analyzing what is happening in the world from a psychological perspective, I can help people make more informed decisions about their mental health and wellbeing, along with helping them think critically about things they might hear and see online.

Emergency Vehicles

If you or a loved one is experiencing psychological distress, call the emergency medical services phone number in your country (in the United States of America, that number would be 911). If you are looking for further resources to be able to help yourself or a loved one, click here.

Click the link if you need help!

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